Monday, February 20, 2012

Tucson conference

I am so looking toward the third conference with Sheila Bender and Writing It Real. At my first conference I met a good number of repeaters and couldn't understand why. And then found myself wanting to return the second year. And now the third. No, we are not groupies. Not writers with nothing to do, without a real life, no longer connected to the real world. So why?

Writers stimulate writers. Writers are committed to their work and consequently to each other. Oh yes, a few have attitude about having been published and won't help with the details about how to get there. But they are few, and mostly we don't pester them to give up what they don't want to share. They are the minority. The rest of us encourage each other, show interest in each other's work, share the writing space, support each other and go out of our way to make new writers feel comfortable. After all, each of us was a new writer once. It's a fine sisterhood/brotherhood.

Nothing is so satisfying as giving a leg up to someone new so they participate at a level whereby they at least get their money's worth, and hopefully make fast friends. I plan to come home with a new friend or two.

The current essay class with Sheila, and the new class n how to target magazines interested in my genre and writing style, with Rita Robinson are keeping me stimulated and exposed to other writers. It's fun and I gain so much, sharpening my skills and networking and making new friends.

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  1. Oh, that sounds wonderful....a conference in Tucson!! :)

    I read Sheila's blog/website quite a while back and somehow forgot to keep it in my favorites. Thanks for the reminding me of her!

    I've attende two state-wide conferences, and quite a few smaller "work shops," and yes, I always come away with knowledge and friends!

    I'll be anxious to read all about it when you get home! And by the way, thanks for your comment on my Maxine post!