Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Value of Writing Essays

I spend a lot of time writing essays in an on-line class. A whole lot of time, and for a long time besides. My class size is usual five writers and an instructor. We respond to each other's essays and all of our writings are responded to by the instructor. With all that cross-work we learn lots from all those points of view. I have gained a lot as I write for those readers, who look for clarity, structure, and interesting subjects. We reveal a lot to each other. It is a safe place. Some essays are fun, some are instructive, some are filled with pain, some are about all sorts of redemption. All are very worthwhile. It is not about great writing, but about writing it real, which is the actual name of the online class, under the tutelage of Sheila Bender, a much published writer of poetry as an outlet for grief. She is an excellent teacher.she is a superior writer. She is stellar about getting her students over their obstacles and into their best work. I continue this because it helps shape my memoir. I stay with it because it keeps me writing.and in this framework, I grow in my craft. I treasure this outlet for my creativity. And as I recover myself from cancer treatment,so depleting, I hope to pick it up. In the spring, ready to put finishing touches on my life story, I hope to move it forward, correct it's weak places, determine what can stay or go, and get it out to an agent. Prayers for this will help, but in the meantime, my job is to get it done. I probably should drop a vignette or two here on the blog so you who read this might comment on it. Anybody interested?

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