Friday, May 3, 2013

Life in an Orphanage

It occurs to me that not many folks are drawn to the topic of memoir, especially  at a blog site. I just completed a portion of a free telesummit conference and discovered that, to the contrary, memoir is HUGE in the nation both with writers and readers. So I must be hard to find, or hard to get, or just hard?

It was suggested to me that i might write or submit a piece of my memoir here to stimulate interest. But that would be like yodeling across a chasm or yelling down a well. I am here and you, apparently, are not. I am supposed to find a place on this site to click to see how many of you read but not write. Of course, I can't figure out where that button is either. Blogspot is deep into mystery. Which indicates to me I might decide to wander over to some other host where it might be simpler. Why can I not just click and write?

Life in an orphanage feels exactly like this. Where is the door to "out"? Does everything have to be a maze? Can we not get out of our own way? In the age of endless technology, the nerds seem to think tweaking IS the way out. So daily the page changes and the path to the page changes. And I must constantly drop breadcrumbs to the path in and the path out.


  1. There is something you can add to your blog called a Statcounter. I just can't recall where it is found. I'm sure if you Googled it you would get the answer. I have it on my blog but I put it on there so long ago I can't remember how I did it. And such is the life of those over 50 :)

  2. Hey, Patricia:

    I found it. The site is constantly updated and if I click at the number of posts, all my posts come up with the reader count and the comment count for each post. Easy to read.